Senin, 08 Desember 2008

Quotes from Prequel of Ho Wuan Siang

Ar’anraizum Luandi’l Maggo

The Disciple merely sees a Rainbow out of longing
The Master sees a Rainbow out of proficiency
The Inheritor sees Rainbows out of every thing
—Therala’n Una Lua

The Disciple weaves and paints blindfolded, she does it with excellency
The Master weaves and paints without brush or needles, she does it with grace and gratitude
The Inheritor weaves and paints every moment, and she does it with Truth
—Taran Yu’n Lua

The Disciple looks at the Moon, Stars, Light, and awe-inspired
The Master sees the Mansion, Gates, and Dream, and awe-stricken
The Inheritor sees Every, Any, and All Things, and she was dumbfounded by the Truth
—Laigara’n Minamo Lua

They all laughed, cry, sleep, eat, grow, and die
Their sounds and acts may be same, but they are nothing alike
How can Hawks be compared to Quails?
How can the Seer compared to the Blind?
So laugh, even if it is due to simple silliness,
Even upon trying to fool the Truth,
Or along with the Truth,
The last, however, mind you, always have the last laugh.
—Rekkhani Murui’n Lua

The Disciple is like a hunter, a noble warrior, an aspirant and seeker
The Master is like midwife, sassy chit-chatters, knitters and talkers
The Inheritor is like a small baby, it only knows how to cry and see
She couldn’t do more… in front of The All One
—Anbelle Rashu’n Lua

The Colors are not seven but eight
The Numbers are eight but can be nine
The Pillars are not five but five and five and One
The One is the ultimate Three, Three, and Three
The Results are…? Zero or One? All or Nothing? Chaos or Order?
— Umaya Niomir Surda Lua

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